Online Courses

Foundations of Meditation

Free 7-Day Course

Learn to reduce suffering and manage stress so that you can enjoy ease within yourself, at work, and in relationships.

Move & Meditate

6-Week Course

This course is for you if you want to make space in your life for these self-care practices to live in the power of your fullest expression.

Regain Confidence

21-Day Mini Course

Regain the confidence you desire and deserve so you can feel comfortable, reach your goals with ease, and enjoy the fulfilling relationships you crave.

Release Anxiety

21-Day Mini Course

By uncovering the unconscious beliefs you have about yourself that are causing anxiety, you can let them go.

Hypnotherapy for Self-Healing

21-Day Mini Course

Rewire and reprogram your mind for powerful self-healing so that you can release negative thought cycles and unwanted behaviors, process your emotions effectively, and choose healthy options easily.

Build Unshakable Self-Worth

Self-paced course

This self-paced course will give you the tools and strategies you need to give up people-pleasing and reframe your relationship with the inner critic, all from the comfort of your own home.

New Beginnings Personal Retreat

In this self-led personal retreat, I’ll guide you through all of the steps necessary to help you make the huge internal shift so that you can reach your powerful external goals.

Free 7-Day Meditation Course

Start, Deepen, or Re-ignite Your Meditation Practice With This FREE 7-Day Foundations of Meditation and Mindfulness Course